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Travel Website Portal Design And Development Services

Travel Website Development

ColorWhistle is a unified travel website design and travel API integration & development solution provider offering scalable services to B2C and B2B customers.

Our travel web design and development services are centered on developing smart software solutions for travel companies, agencies, and tour operators.

  • White Label Partnerships
  • Startup Business Partnerships

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order management

Booking Management

Orders can be managed without giving in much of an effort. You can handle all the orders, payments, order ID, shipment of the product, complaint regarding product, refund, pre-booking, etc. of all your items. You can respond and resolve each of the problems without any difficulty thereby ensuring smooth management of online transactions.

Content Management

Through this, you can manage the content displayed on your website. You, yourself can write and manage the content as per your requirement or needs. Whether you have to list best-selling products, type of the content, prices, policies of your company, etc. can be entirely managed by the owner itself. Hence, you have more control over the content displayed on the web page.

content management
product reviews

Customer Management

Client management can be easily done with the use of customer management module. When the customer places an order, you can check the profile of that respective customer. According to the order profile and order history of the clients, you can group them together and send bulk SMS and Emails to them. Inform them about the new offers, products, etc. that might be useful for them. You can also get feedback from these clients through this module.

Hotel Management

All the stock that you have purchased from the product vendor can be stored in the inventory portal. As soon as any product is sold, it will be automatically deducted from total amount of that particular stock. Moreover, you will also get a smart and organized real-time stock report.

Get Pop-ups for the products that are out of stock.

add stock


We provide many marketing tools to ease out things for our clients. One such tool is coupons. You can fully customize the coupons according to your needs. You can also create advanced level coupons such as coupons onfirst purchase,first registration,on selected products, minimum amount of orders, etc. Therefore, this will not only increase your sales but also increase your client retention rate.

referral marketing

Affiliates & Referral Programs

Such affiliates and referral programs are also available for you and your customers. In this program, suppose a client purchases something, they will get a referral code. The affiliate can share this referral code to their other friends. While purchasing the item the buyer will enter the referral code provided by affiliate and can get respective discount.

Also, theaffiliatewill receive his or her commission. In this manner, the buyer, affiliate, and the owner will be happy. This will help increase the sales of the product, consequently, profits will be increased.

SMS & Email Marketing

Among the marketing tools, we also provide SMS & email marketing. In this marketing, you can send SMS & Emails to client in bulk. Promote your new products, new services, sales, discount, combo offers, exciting deals and a lot more with the help of these SMS & Email marketing tools. It can help plunge your sales which in turn will elevate your revenue.

sms marketing
order delivery

Booking Tracking

Order can be managed without giving in much of an effort. When the client will confirm an order, the site admin will receive an email automatically. When the site admin will ship the product, he or she can add tracking ID, courier service company name in order to ease tracking. As soon as the data is added, the client will automatically receive an SMS or Email regarding the same. They can easily check and track their order.

Online Payment

Customer can easily make online transactions. We comprehend to the needs of client’s privacy and security. Hence, our payment module is highly secure and safe from any kind of cyber threats. Clients can easily make multiple payments and other monetary transactions through online payment. Once, their payment is received, they will receive an automatic text message confirming the payment received.

online payment


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