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Best Search Engine optimization (SEO) Institute in Faridabad

Creative Dunia is one of the best Search Engine optimization (SEO) Institute providing Search Engine optimization Course in Faridabad. This Online Marketing Institute lays a path which leads you to the world of opportunities here you will learn the skills that will be helpful for building a remarkable career in Search Engine optimization.


SEO training Course in faridabad

Creative Dunia is one of the leading SEO courses in Faridabad, teaching the next generation today a comprehensive learning curve. At Creative Dunia we follow strict guidelines from significant search engines regarding SEO courses and customize the curriculum to meet the highest standards in the industry.

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Course Modules Of SEO

Introduction to Online Search
Introduction to SEO
Knowledge about SERP's
How does SEO Affects your business
Introduction to Keywords
Keywords Research & Analysis
Tools to Analyze Keywords
Tools for Searching Keywords
Keywords Distribution
Understanding Content Optimization
Optimizing for Site Structure
Types of Content
Optimizing Textual & Non Textual Page Elements
User Generated Content
Language which Search Engine Understands
How search Engines Index Content
Duplicate Content & Colonications
Server Side Factors
Google Webmaster Tool
Understanding Content Strategy
Defining your audience, topics, angle & Style
Tool for Content Strategy - Editorial Calendar
Promoting your Content with Social Media
Understanding the Importance of Links
Types of Links
Link Building Opportunities
Link Building Strategies
Anchor Text
Measuring SEO Effectiveness
SEO and Social Share
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Why do you need SEO?

Millions of users today are searching for things and services online. SEO gives signals to search engines to rank them on more than 200 signals which are part of the unique strategies that we focus on today at Creative Dunia Our professionals are skilled and experienced in offering the latest SEO certification knowledge.

Well experienced trainers

All over trainers have taught people from different walks of life like professional’s freelancers agency experts and MNC professionals. They have industry connections and they also help the students to get placed at the top brands.

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Can an SEO Course Help Me Find a Job?

While some SEO courses are focused primarily on skills and knowledge, others may include certifications that you can take to employers or add to your LinkedIn profile or resume as a way to improve your career. While some courses and certifications are more respected than others, an SEO course may help you land a job as an SEO specialist in the future.

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Sunday Batches

Sunday Batches are for only Business Employees


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